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Life Digital Zed Air H3 Review

I-Life Technologies recently launched its mid-range budget Laptop Zed Air H3 that combines top-notch features and hardware. The laptop can be purchased on Amazon or any other online retailer. According to the company, the targeted customers for Zed Air H3 are college students and first-time users. While purchasing a low-cost laptop, you will have to compromise a bit on some features like design, CPU, screen resolution, speakers, etc. You will most likely come across Pentium or Celeron series Intel CPUs in budget laptops. But Zed Air H3 comes with balanced technology to provide top-grade experience to the customers. Let’s discuss the specifications and features of Life Digital Zed Air H3 in detail. But before, let’s take a look at its specifications: –


CPU Intel Pentium Quad Core
OS Windows 10 Home version
Display 15.6 inches, 1920*1080 Full HD
Storage 500 GB
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 505
CPU Core Quantity Quad Core
CPU Internal Clock  Rate 1.1GHz (with turbo boost upto 2.5GHz)

Life Digital Zed Air H3 – Design and built quality

Usually, budget laptops hardly have much to brag about their design, and Zed Air H3 doesn’t seem to be an exception. It has an average build quality and design. The outer part of the laptop is designed out of hard plastic that is silver in color. The screen has huge bezels that continue to give a feel of old age laptops in the modern world of infinity display.

The laptop weighs around 1.9 kg, so it won’t feel like a burden to often carry it around. Life digital has tried to minimize the thickness of the laptop by making the sides angular. The angular design looks pretty appealing but also has a major drawback. It gets annoying when you try to plug in a USB cable or a pen drive as the ports are not easily visible. You will have to either tilt your head to the side or lift the laptop to plug external devices.

Zed Air H3 has a 15.6 inch display screen with 1920*1080 pixels full HD resolution. The display offers good colors, but the brightness is not much appreciable. You will have to use the laptop with maxed-out brightness even indoors.  The laptop is incorporated with the latest touchpad and keyboard technologies to provide the best input experience to the users. Overall, Zed Air H3 gives a decent first impression according to its price.

Life Zed Air H3 Software

Life Digital Zed Air H3 – Software and Specifications

Zed Air H3 packs a 1.1 GHz Intel Pentium quad-core processor and comes with a pre-installed Windows 10 Home version. The processor used is pretty old, but it will surprise you with its performance. Life Digital has used Intel HD Graphics 505 which is not an impeccable GPU, but an average one.

In India, the variant of Zed Air H3 comes with a storage capacity of 6GB DDR3 RAM and 500 GB hard disk. Life Technologies has used a powerful Li-ion battery that is capable of providing 2-3 hours runtime to the laptop. You get a 0.3 MP VGA front camera placed above the screen at the center of the lid. But there is no LED indicator to show the camera is being used or not. This is a bit scary and can interfere with your privacy.

Life Zed Air H3 software hardware

Life Digital Zed Air H3 – Hardware Performance and Battery Life

Zed Air H3 provides a descent running performance. The laptop comes with Windows 10 Home version that takes more than a while to boot. With a storage capacity of only 6GB, multitasking in Zed Air H3 can be a little sluggish. But it won’t affect much if you can minimize the usage of multiple apps at a time.

The keyboard has a well responsive keystroke, and the touchpad has precise touch sensitivity. But while typing, you may be disturbed by the touch-pad due to its position. Zed Air H3 has speakers positioned above the keyboard. The sound quality felt a bit distorted while playing music at max volume. The laptop offers decent colors and viewing angels that gives an enjoyable viewing experience.

The laptop is capable of handling simple games with low graphics. The GPU used in the laptop is not much powerful, so it is advised to avoid running heavy graphics game. We tried running far cry 5, at its lowest graphics, but still, the device couldn’t withstand the load and kept crashing. On prolonged usage, the laptop bottom gets a little warm but not too hot.

Zed Air H3 uses a Li-ion battery to support its system. The laptop has a decent running time, but it could have been slightly better. There are a few brands within the same price range that provide a better battery life. While running the Battery Eater Pro test, the laptop lasted for 2 hours and 15 minutes. The score is not disappointing, but even for a 15.6 inch laptop display, we expect slightly more. An ideal laptop should last an entire day in one single charge.


With a lot of shortcomings, Zed Air H3 becomes hard to recommend. It has an average built quality, and the side design has its own drawbacks. The webcam is mediocre, and the battery life could have been slightly better. There are established laptop brands like Dell, Asus, and HP in the same price range. Thus, Life Technologies must look forward to these drawbacks and take a step forward towards optimization.

Pros Cons
·         Full HD display ·         Average build quality
·         Cost effective ·        Older generation CPU
·        Average GPU performance

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