Protect your laptop from physical damage

How to protect your laptop from physical damage

Laptops and the internet have become the two fundamental requirements of every person’s life in this digital world.  From a professional blogger to an on-site worker, almost everyone’s productivity depends on a laptop and internet. Without it, the modern digital world will come to a halt and our professional life and get critically affected. Hence, it is necessary to protect your laptop from damages while at work or travelling.

Protecting your laptop with a password is not enough to safeguard it from further damages. People are so tuned into online security that they overlook the basic question that is “How to protect a laptop from physical damage?”  Only a few people take the necessary precautions to safeguard their laptop from physical damages. So, how are you safeguarding your laptop from physical damage? No idea? Fret not! In this post, I will be discussing the mandatory steps on how to protect a laptop from physical damage?

Purchase an anti-theft laptop bag

While travelling, it is essential to protect your laptop from thieves and pickpockets that are present in all cities around the world. Laptops are a very hot target for thieves. You must pay extra attention to safeguarding your laptop and other belongings while travelling on a train or roaming around in new places.

In such situations, the best way to protect your laptop is by investing in good quality anti-theft backpacks. An anti-theft backpack is not similar to an ordinary backpack. It is designed by focusing more on the security part. A good anti-theft bag has special security features that are sufficient to protect your laptop and other accessories from damage and theft. Some of the common features are as follows: –

  • Hidden pockets and zippers
  • Cut-resistant material
  • Anti-theft lock
  • Locking cables to protect it when left unattended
  • Extra padding at the bottom to safeguard the hard drive from bumps

Anti-theft bags are more expensive than ordinary backpacks. However, due to the increase in their demand in recent years, the price has dropped significantly and there are many options than ever available in the market. It is a wise choice to invest in a good quality anti-theft bag because replacing a stolen laptop will cost a hefty price than purchasing a decent backpack. Higher Ground offers innovative laptop bags.

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Keep your laptop Cool and Clean

We know that a bike runs faster when its engine is hot, but that is not the case with a laptop. If your laptop gets warm while working, you must take immediate precautions to cool it as the heat generated can damage the internal parts like the processor, battery, hard disk, etc. of your laptop. The best way to avoid overheating of the laptop is to purchase a laptop cooling pad. This device dissipates the heat generated from a laptop and maintains its temperature while working. Avoid working on your laptop while keeping it on a mattress. This position might feel comfortable for you, but this is the best way to slowly deteriorate the performance of a laptop.

You can also increase the life of your laptop by keeping it clean. Use a soft cloth to wipe off the accumulated clouds of dust in the ports and on the body.

Purchase a laptop sleeve for additional safety from physical damage

People certainly want extra safety measures for their brand new laptops. Hence, purchasing a laptop sleeve is a wise investment to provide additional protection to your laptop. A well-padded laptop sleeve can protect your laptop from scratches. It further provides an extra cushioning effect to safeguard your precious device from bangs and bumps. While purchasing a laptop sleeve make sure that it is well padded and its size matches perfectly with your device.

Safeguard your laptop with skins or covers

When you are investing a hefty amount in purchasing a glossy laptop, you may certainly invest an extra amount on laptop skins and covers. A laptop appears remarkable in its native look, but a laptop skin further enhances the appearance of a laptop. Besides making your laptop look cool, a laptop skin also protects the top surface of your laptop from scratches and light physical damage. There is a wide range of laptop skins available in the market. You can choose the perfect design and style according to your laptop to make it look more attractive. Further, a laptop skin also protects a laptop from humid weather. Thus, your laptop won’t slip from your grasp easily.

Avoid eating or drinking while working on your laptop

It is advised to stay away from drinks and food while working on a laptop. Everybody gets hungry, but is it necessary to sip a coffee whilst typing on your device? No matter how careful you are, inadvertently spilling liquid on your laptop can damage the entire system within minutes. Further, eating near your laptop can cause food residue to enter the laptop vents.  These food residues stay in the vents for a longer time and affect the cooling system of your laptop.

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Shield the display screen of your laptop

The display screen of a laptop is pretty fragile and costs a hefty amount if needed to be replaced. If your laptop’s display screen gets damaged, you are probably going to spend an amount in which you can easily get a new laptop altogether. Thus, it is better to shield your laptop’s screen to avoid such damages. There are many laptop display protections readily available in the market. You can even find anti-glare sheets that protect the laptop’s display screen from solar exposure. Laptop display protection is highly recommended from our side.

Laptop protection in the rainy season

If your job requires frequent outdoor travelling then you must purchase a waterproof backpack to safeguard your laptop from the rain. Thus it is important to take the extra precaution of your laptop in case of the rainy season. There are many ways to protect your laptop during the rainy season. Some of the steps are mentioned below: –

  • Purchase a waterproof laptop bag.
  • Use a rain cover. They can be easily folded and stored in a backpack.
  • Purchase a waterproof laptop sleeve. If not available, then keep your laptop in a plastic cover before putting it in a backpack.
  • Turn off your laptop while travelling in the rainy season.

Handle the laptop cords gently

Always be gentle with the charging cable or any other cables attached to the laptop. Do not twist or bend any wire or cable as they can easily get damaged and further damage your laptop with an unexpected power jolt. Purchase desk cable management gadgets if you keep your laptop fixed in one location. This prevents the cables from getting folded and entangled.

Get accidental physical damage protection for your laptop

Generally, all laptops come with 1 year of warranty, which can be further extended. But this does not cover accidental physical damage or water spillage. Well known brands like Dell and HP offer accidental damage protection for laptops which can be purchased. If you travel a lot or often work out of cafes where chances of damage or liquid spillage are more then it makes sense to buy accidental damage protection.


The laptop has become a precious gadget in everyone’s life. The absence of which can affect both your personal and professional life. Thus, it becomes your duty to protect the laptop from physical damage. As in some cases, the cost of repairing a laptop may exceed its original price. The price usually depends on the brand of laptop and the extent of the damage. Hence, always be careful with your laptop and handle it gently. Do not keep it in places where you are likely to sit or on the floor where someone can step on it. Follow the steps mentioned above to protect your laptop from physical damage and increase its life.

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