Good Parenting Tips – How to be a good  parent

Parenting has never been easy. And with many modern problems adding to the mix, navigating the maze of parenting is harder than ever. That is why you need to drop the conventional parenting and start adjusting to the modern parenting concept. So, who is a modern parent? If I had to explain modern parenting in one word, I would call it open-minded.

Modern parents allow freedom for thought and are not unnecessarily controlling of children. This is the best kind of parent to be in this modern world. But, are you a modern parent? How do you even become a modern parent? This parenting guide will tell you exactly how.

How to be an effective parent

Being a parent may seem a tough task. But it doesn’t have to be. The best way to become an effective parent is to not think of your children as a responsibility you can get out of once they are eighteen. Rather, parenting is a part of your life. If done right, it would bring you immense happiness and fulfillment.

Every child is different

There’s no one-size-fits-all parenting method. Every child is unique. So, stop comparing your child to other children. It will damage their self-esteem and your relationship. Rather, try to appreciate the best in your child. Don’t expect him/her to be like Jenny next door.

Identify your parenting style

Mainly, there are four types of parenting styles such as authoritative, permissive, neglectful, and indulging parenting. Find a good balance between these four parenting styles. And remember that your parenting style is good enough as long as your child is growing fine.

Correct and incorrect parenting

With parenting, it’s easy to go wrong. We’re so busy with work and other problems in life such as financial problems. Sometimes, we forget to give our children the love and attention they deserve. We always want the easy, fast way out. Do you leave your children with a screen to entertain them? Do you let them have anything they want at the toy shop? Then, you’re not parenting right.

Here are three things that you absolutely need to do as a parent.

Pay attention

Children need love and attention. If you don’t give them enough, they’ll start feeling lonely and unloved. We don’t want that for our children, do we? So, no matter how busy you are, take time off to be there at your child’s birthday or special event. Read a story to them when they go to sleep. And, don’t forget to ask them questions. A simple question like ‘how was your day’ or ‘how are you feeling’ is the best way to start a conversation and engage emotionally with your child.

Teach discipline

Discipline is an important thing to teach a child. If a child is not disciplined, they may not grow up as a wholesome addition to society. So, from a young age, teach them to apologize and stop misbehaving. However, disciplining is not the same as slapping or spanking. While these may discourage a child from misbehaving, you’ll be racing violent tendencies in children instead.

Praise is one of the best ways to encourage discipline. You can give a simple reward like an ice-cream or screen time if they do something good.

Be a role model

When children are young, you are their princess or superhero. So, be a good role model for them. If you got unreasonably angry and shouted, offer an apology to them. If you are asking your child to eat greens, let them see you eat them yourself.

The beauty of modern parenting is making time for your passions. Don’t sacrifice your dreams because of your children. Rather, let them see who you are. By following your dreams relentlessly, you are being an incredible inspiration and role model to your children. With time, they too will learn to keep working hard for their dreams. So, whether your dream is saving the world or becoming a millionaire, go do it.

Caring for your child

Children grow fast. To help them be healthy both physically and mentally, you need to care for your child at each stage of their life. Raising a toddler, pre-teen, and a teenager are totally different things. Understanding how to find your way around the confusing emotions of a growing child is hard. But, even when your toddler is refusing to eat greens or your teenager is like a ticking time bomb all the time for no reason, there is always a way through it.

Child development stages


  • Feeding

Toddlers never want to eat healthily. But, at the same time having a nutritional diet is important at this age. Try having colorful vegetables at mealtimes. That way, you can convince them that they are eating ‘a rainbow’. When you feed them, don’t ever turn the screen on for entertainment. Try to make them see dinner as a family time when you get together as a family. Let toddlers see that their parents are eating healthy food. They’ll follow behind easily. Don’t force them to eat certain food types because this will make them like that food less.

  • Vaccinations

Vaccinating is important for the health of your child. Keep your child up to date on every vaccination. Children never like vaccinations. But, find your way around and maybe get them a special treat after getting a vaccination.

  • Limiting screen time

At this age, teach them to enjoy nature. Let them play in the yard or take them out to explore different colors, textures, and smells of the outdoor world. Ban screens at dinner time and before sleep.


  • Teaching about social issues

Starting from preschoolers, your children should be made aware of matters like bullying. Teach kids to confront bullies and report bullying to adults. Bullying can happen online too. So, when you give them access to the internet, take care that they are not running into any bullies.

  • Academic pressure

Too much academic pressure can ruin a childhood. To reduce academic pressure, stop comparing. Even when your child gets a bad grade, praise their effort. Praising efforts will help them have a growth mindset and they’ll know that they can always try hard and achieve anything.

Another important thing is to stop stuffing your child’s schedules with several things. No kid can be a ballet dancer, swimmer, painter, and a straight-A student at the same time. Just let them choose a few things that they really like.

  • Giving them freedom

Don’t try to restrict your children from doing things. Always teach them to be confident and happy with who they are. Your children are not here to achieve your dreams. Let them find and achieve their own dreams.


  • Dealing with teen-anger

Teens are like time bombs. They get angry with everything. This anger is an effect of their need to be independent. But, whatever they say, they are still children. So, they need your help. Talk to them at the dinner table and have family rituals like game night or movie night to come together as a family.


Parenting is a big responsibility. To navigate it, you need to understand the needs of your children and give them the freedom to discover themselves. Modern parenting is all about talking to your children, listening, and understanding. With some effort, you’ll surely be the best modern parent. We hope this handy guide helped you become a better parent for your children. So, Dad or Mom, go be the best parent for your children!

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