Top 5 Shows On Netflix

Top 5 Shows On Netflix

Netflix is perhaps one of the pioneers of the online streaming of content. Here is a list of the top 5 shows currently streaming on Netflix based on different genres. Netflix is a data-driven company and does not choose new content randomly from whomever they can. Yes, of course, to run shows, series, or movies on their platform Netflix needs licenses from studios but they randomly do not pick content.

House of Cards

Genre: Thriller Seasons: 6

House of Cards is a political thriller by Beau Willimon. This Netflix series in America has not just become characters involved in the screenplay but synonymous with socio-economic issues dealt through various characters, including racism, women’s rights, sexual assaults, LGBTQ, relationships, and much more. Some powerful actors like Robin Wright, Kevin Spacey, Michael Kelly, Diane Lane, and a host of others appear in the seasons of the House of Cards. This series sends out a strong depiction of corruption issues within politicians and prominent public figures. Kevin Spacey from “The Usual Suspects” and “Horrible Bosses” is a central figure in five seasons. The first season of House of Cards by Media Rights Capital production, consisting of 13 chapters was released on Feb 1st, 2013 on Netflix. House of Cards received several award nominations that included 33 Primetime Emmy recommendations. House of Cards is a vicious drama staged behind the drape of power, sex, ambition, relationships, greed, and corruption of the modern political world of America.

El Chapo

Genre: Thriller Seasons: 3

El Chapo, with its 3 seasons, is a visual drama account based on the true story of the rise, capture, and escape of infamous Mexican drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman. El Chapo could keep you on the edge and you might find yourself binge-watching episodes, skipping meals, and staying up all night. El Chapo by Netflix and Univision was written by Silvana Aguirre and Carlos Contreras. It casts Marco de la O, Humberto Busto, Rodrigo Abed, and others. What makes it to our list of top 5 series on Netflix is the screen depiction of El Chapo’s criminal organization working better than many legitimate world corporations. All through the seasons’ viewers witness as El Chapo is captured by Mexican authorities, escapes from a high-security prison, and is ultimately extradited. A lot of viewers argue that a version with the original language and English subtitles would have been better than the dubbed version in English. The real deal however is the dramatization of a series of events over three decades. The plot is violent and bloody as expected from a narcotics series but beautifully rendered by suitable actors. Given the viewer’s appetite for drug-related shows. It’s kind of amazing that this was not made earlier.


Genre: Action Seasons: 6

A historical drama consisting of massive violence and excitement, Vikings produced by TM Productions and distributed by MGM television is 6 seasons of pure action. The locations, cinematography, music, and plot development of Vikings are sure shot ingredients to bring this series to our list of top 5 shows on Netflix. Vikings are loaded with actors. Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, and a host of others dominate the show. The first series initiates with a Viking named Ragnar Lothbrok trying to ally with him to invade England. This desire for wealth and power marks the confluence of a series of battles between Ragnar and his enemy No.1 Earl Haraldson. A lot of research hours went onto the making of Vikings especially the usage of old English, Old Russian, and Old French. The show deviates from the exact timeline in history with certain characters but the purpose could not have been better. While Game of Thrones has overshadowed almost all other medieval bad boy stories, Vikings in its 6 seasons is a heavy metal show on Netflix live streaming network with its intriguing suspense, action, drama, and adventure.

The Walking Dead

Genre: Action Seasons: 9

One of the most-watched Netflix series, The Walking Dead makes it to our list of the top 5 shows on Netflix based on a zombie apocalypse theme. The cast includes Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, and Melissa Mcbride. The series is by Idiot Box Productions and distributed by AMC Networks. While viewers are talking about Season 10 of The Walking Dead, the nine seasons currently available on Netflix are episodes of exciting moments. Making zombie movies or series is difficult especially when a lot of rubbish has already been created around that topic, aired and rejected by viewers. So what went right with The Walking Dead, despite its gory flesh-eating scenes and comic book pedigree? What categorized this Netflix series into the five-star rating club was its cliffhanger endings. Ever since the first episode which was aired on a Halloween, The Walking Dead was ranked as the most-watched scripted series among 18-50 years old viewers. The first episode was a record for AMC Network with 5.3 million viewers worldwide. The Walking Dead was nominated for the Golden Globe and the Writers Guild of America awards among others.

Orange Is the New Black

Genre: Comedy Seasons: 7

When a past crime catches up with a girl from New York, she ends up in a women’s prison, where she instantly made friends and foes. This is the plot of this series created by Jenji Kohan for Netflix. This American comedy makes it to our list of top 5 shows on Netflix owing to its setting of humanizing prisoners. Jenji refashioned prime time streaming with her captivating prison drama at the Litchfield Penitentiary. Orange is the new Black casts Taylor Schilling, Kate Mulgrew, Laura Prepon, Jason Briggs, and a host of other actors. Owing to its potent comedy and rich characterization, this Netflix series remains a bittersweet pleasure to viewers. Orange Is the New Black gets straight to the point, dealing with dramatic depth and humor mix. The series received 16 Emmy award nominations and won four. The American Film Institute featured this series in its Top 10 Television Programs of the year in 2013. While some might argue that a mix of melodrama and riotous comedy can be a disaster, this Netflix series, however, delivers a rich story. The show certainly gets plenty of ratings out of the main protagonists’ adjustment to prison culture, but the makers ensure focus on other directions making it one of the most indulging series on Netflix.

We are living in strange times and going out might not be the same for some time to come. But all things considered, binge-worthy content on Netflix is something to get excited about. Currently, the streaming plans for Netflix are $8.99 per month for a Basic, $12.99 for Standard, and $15.99 for the Premium plan. In the streaming world, it is hard to imagine things without Netflix, and that for a good reason. Looking for inspiration on Netflix, kick off with these top 5 shows we have just mentioned. Your time will be worth it.

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