top 10 tv series on amazon prime

Top 10 Series on Amazon Prime

Did you recently purchase the Amazon Prime membership for some holiday shopping online? Then, you’ll be thrilled to know about the Amazon Prime video collection. This video library has some mind-blowingly good original TV series. In the worst case, you’ll end up binge-watching a treasure trove of spectacular series. However, you are going to face a serious dilemma when you pick your next TV commitment. So, to help you, we rounded up the top 10 shows and series on Amazon Prime as of now.

1. Fleabag – Genre: Comedy

Meet Fleabag, a young woman navigating life and love in the busy London city. She runs a failing café and is constantly struggling with an enigmatic trauma. Fleabag will entertain you with her witty personality and the endless string of men from all over London. Wait for the jaw-dropping plot twist at the end of the series. Fleabag got several awards including the British Academy Television Award for the best-scripted comedy. While this is not a very recent TV show, we can assure you that this is seriously good.

2. Undone – Genre: Thriller

This genre-bending adult animated TV series is one of the best psychological thriller series ever. After Alma, the main character experiences a near-death car accident, her world starts to change. Specifically, she realizes that she can travel through time. The story kickstarts when Alma’s dead father visits her from the past claiming that he was murdered. Now, Alma must master time travel and go back in time to save him. Undone is pure gold and will keep you at the edge of your seat while Alma tries to unravel the mystery of her father’s death.

3. A Very English Scandal – Genre: Comedy

A Very English Scandal is a story set in the late 1960s. Jeremy Thorpe, the leader of the liberal party is climbing the ladders of political success. There’s only one risk for him, Norman Josiffe, his gay ex-lover. A chance encounter with the ex leads Thorpe to order Norman’s murder in panic. However, the hired assassin fails to kill Norman, killing his beloved dog instead. Knowing that Thorpe was behind this, Norman goes to court, and Thorpe is forced to stand trial. This English scandal, portrayed by Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw will have you laughing out loud all through the 3 episodes.

4. The Wire – Genre: Action

The Wire is arguably one of the best action TV series of all time. Revolving around the crimes of Baltimore city, this show brings police drama with a surprisingly accurate representation of society and urban life. The story is told from both the law enforcers’ perspective as well as the criminals’ perspective. If you love crime drama, The Wire is a classic you should not miss out on.

5. Mr. Robot – Genre: Thriller

Elliot Alderson is a young and talented cybersecurity engineer and a hacker working for the cybersecurity company, Allsafe. Dealing with social anxiety and clinical depression, he finds connecting with people almost impossible. His life takes a turn when he is recruited by the mysterious Mr. Robot and his team, fsociety. And, their ultimate mission is to cancel all consumer debt from the corrupt conglomerate, E Corp. And E Corp just happen to be the biggest client of Allsafe.

6. The Expanse – Genre: Action

Fast forward to the 24th century, humans have finally colonized the solar system. However, the cold war between the planetary colonies is on the verge of exploding. While trying to keep the war at bay, a conspiracy is uncovered, putting all humanity at risk. The Expanse is one of the best Sci-Fi action shows and is praised for its awesome futuristic visuals. The great storyline is another reason why this is a must-watch for anyone.

7. Vikings – Genre: Action

Travel back in time with this historical action series based on the stories of the Viking chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok and his descendants. Bjorn Ironside and Lagertha dream of a prosperous and peaceful future and are waiting to go back to their simple lives. However, they’re threatened by a brutal enemy, stronger than any other enemy they have faced. So, they take up their swords and challenge the enemy as real Vikings do. The six seasons of this TV show is full of adventure and are very much binge-worthy.

8. The Boys – Genre: Thriller

We all love superheroes. They are good-looking, brave, strong, and best of all, they are always here to save the day. But what if our favorite superheroes used their powers to do worse than good? In The Boys’ world, superheroes are egotistic, corrupt people abusing their power. Owned by the powerful corporation Vought International, these superheroes are marketed and monetized aggressively. Tired of the corruption, the main characters, also known as “the boys” go on a quest to expose the reality of Vought International to the public.

9. Hanna – Genre: Action

Hanna is a 15-year-old girl with enhanced DNA as a result of a CIA project that her mother went through while pregnant. The project was created to form an army of super-soldiers. However, the CIA had sent an order to eliminate all babies created through the project. CIA agent Marissa is sent after Hanna. Hanna tries to keep Marissa away while trying to uncover the truth of who she really is. This story of the extraordinary girl, Hanna, is the perfect mix of action and coming-of-age concepts.

10. Homecoming – Genre: Thriller

The Homecoming transitional support center is a live-in facility run by the Geist group. Although on the outside the facility appears to be helping soldiers to transition back to a normal life, the residents are not aware why they need this help. Heidi Bergman (Julia Roberts) had been working as a social worker at this rehabilitation center. However, after 4 years of leaving Homecoming, she is having trouble remembering her time at the facility. Then she realizes that she had been deceived about what really happens at the facility. Homecoming is a psychological thriller and will keep you curious from start to finish.


We hope you found your next binge-worthy obsession in this list. So, grab some popcorn, make yourself comfortable, and have fun streaming on Amazon Prime!

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