Emerging Technology startups

Emerging Tech Startups in 2021

With new technological revolutions, startups are coming up with innovative solutions for all kinds of problems we never knew we had. In 2021, we have some very promising startups offering tech solutions to a variety of industries ranging from the food industry to the all-new 5G technology. Here are 5 such emerging tech startups that are revolutionizing the world right now.

1. Afresh

While 2 billion people in the world are facing moderate or severe food insecurity, more than 14% of the food produced for consumption is wasted every year. This problematic situation is a direct result of the technology gaps between buyers and producers in the food industry. So, every year, both buyers and sellers end up incurring losses. To close the technology gap, you need a technology solution. And, Afresh has come up with a fool-proof answer to reduce food waste as much as possible.

Afresh uses modern AI and user interface designs to build a creative system dedicated to fresh food. This tablet-based app has a variety of unique functions including calculating shelf life and boosting sales. It has already helped many stores to cut back on food waste. With partnerships from several billion-dollar grocery chains, we are sure that Afresh is looking at a steady success.

2. Shape Therapeutics

Gene therapy, anyone?

Yes. You guessed right. Shape Therapeutics is an incredible startup that is bringing fiction to life. They are basically the next generation of medical treatments. The unique technology implemented here will work wonders in curing rare genetic diseases, neurodegenerative disorders, metabolic diseases, and more. Shape therapeutics has raised over 35.5 million dollars in funds and is planning to open an office in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

3. Petal

Petal is an innovative tech company that is bringing financial opportunity and innovation to everyone. Have you ever had to switch banks and transfer all your money? In the past, while switching banks, your cash history did not get transferred. But now, your banking history belongs to you. Petal is an innovative company that has come up with a way to simplify finance for you.

Petal analyses your banking history and comes up with a credit score based on your income, savings, and spending history. So, basically, petal enables you to get approved for credit even if you’ve never had credit. Plus, you can set budgets and freeze your petal card at any time. This is a great opportunity for young people who have yet to establish a solid line of credit. Petal does not charge fees and offers cashback rewards as well. Petal is planning to expand with the $30 million funds collected in the recent funding round.

4. Movandi

5G is the future of technology. Or, so we thought. Turns out that 5G will have a hard time operating beyond high-density areas. But, don’t let that put you down. Because Movandi has come to the rescue!

This innovative tech startup plans to shatter the boundaries of 5G and give everyone access to ultra-fast Wi-Fi. Movandi has created and launched a device that broadens the reach of 5G by acting as a repeater. And the technology used for this is so smart that it will bend signals and send them around buildings and other obstacles as well. So, you won’t miss out on 5G even if you are not in the line of sight of the signal. Movandi has partnered with several major wireless providers and has raised over $30 million in funding for the plans of revolutionizing 5G everywhere.

5. CalypsoAI

The future is automated. And, when everything involves AI, our privacy is very much at risk. So, how do you protect your personal information from hackers and other such offenders? CalypsoAI is the solution.

This startup aims to secure the automated future with software products. CalypsoAI software will deal with highly regulated industries and even national security, resolving a plethora of AI risks. So, if you need to get ahead of risks and establish AI safely in your company, CalypsoAI is the best partner.


These 5 tech startups are currently a few of the best among emerging startups. They have brought solid solutions for new-age problems of this century. In the next few years, these companies will surely have a huge impact in many industries whether it is big data protection or healthcare.

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